About Us

Located in the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia, East Coast Aquatics Inc. is a small professional firm with a number of associate biological specialists. We are a biological and environmental consulting firm, providing core services of habitat assessment; ecological inventories; habitat restoration / rehabilitation design and implementation; and effectiveness, or environmental effects monitoring. We provide particular specialty services around the freshwater ecosystems of rivers, wetlands and lakes. We can manage all facets of a project from its infancy in planning to successful implementation in the field, to final monitoring and evaluation.

East Coast Aquatics Inc. provides exceptional documentation of environmental projects through:

Site Mapping

Quantitative geo-referenced data collection and analysis

Scientific Reporting

The services we offer are based on current proven practices and methodologies; thereby providing scientific defensibility. 


Gulf of Maine Council 2018 Visionary Award

The Gulf of Maine Council on the Marine Environment, created in 1989 by the governments of Maine, Massachusetts, New Brunswick, New Hampshire and Nova Scotia, works to foster environmental health and community well-being throughout the Gulf watershed. The mission of the Gulf of Maine Council is to maintain and enhance environmental quality in the Gulf of Maine to allow for sustainable resource use by existing and future generations. The Visionary Award recognizes innovation, creativity, and commitment to marine protection by businesses, environmental organizations, or individuals who are making a difference to the health of the Gulf of Maine.

"Mike Parker and Andy Sharpe of East Coast Aquatics have been an integral part of the restoration of Big Meadow Bog, on Brier Island, Nova Scotia. This 60-hectare peatland is one of the last remaining places on earth where the Eastern Mountain Avens continues to sustain itself despite poor condition of the bog complex. Mike and Andy helped design and carry out the engineering for this innovative restoration plan to return historic water level dynamics to the bog complex for the Eastern Mountain Avens Recovery Team. This was a long and complicated process that involved installing 100s of ditch-blocks to raise groundwater levels, re-profiling 3,700 meters of steep ditch edges to return some of the historic microtopography across the site and reestablishing more than 6,400 square meters of pond habitat in places the community used for hunting and gathering in the past. Despite all the complexities and difficult working conditions associated with the project, Mike and Andy never wavered in their commitment to achieving the goals of the plan and always maintained a “can-do” attitude. The restoration completed by East Coast Aquatics will lead to raising of the water table and reestablishing water level dynamics that are similar to what were present at the site pre-1958 when it was ditched for agriculture and the decline of the health of the bog complex began. Thanks to East Coast Aquatics’ efforts, the project partners expect to achieve their vision of restoring the Big Meadow Bog wetland ecosystem, leading to the recovery of sustainable populations of Eastern Mountain Avens and associated historic and rare plant communities."

-Gulf of Maine Council on the Marine Environment 2018 Visionary Award Ceremony

[Photo: left to right- Mike Parker (ECA), Norma MacIsaac (Senior Director at NS Department of Intergovernmental Affairs), and Andy Sharpe (ECA) receiving ECA's GOMC Award]