Since the company's establishment in 2000, ECA has successfully completed hundreds of environmental projects throughout Nova Scotia. Want to see what were doing right now? Check us out on Linkedin

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2016 Antigonish Landing Year 1 Post-Enhancement Monitoring Report 7.3MB
2016 Highway 104 - Antigonish Wetland 21 (south River) Year 5 Monitoring Report.pdf 8.3MB
2015 Highway 125 - Sydney Wetland 5 (Year 3) Monitoring Report 1.7MB
2013 Aquatic Surveys of NCC Properties, Digby County, Nova Scotia 11.6MB
2012 Tidal Culvert Removal and Habitat Restoration Black Brook, Hantsport Nova Scotia 387.9KB
2011 Gulf of Maine Ecosystem Overview Report 4.6MB
2010 Ecosystem Status and Trends Report for the Gulf of Maine and Scotian Shelf 2.0MB
2008 The Southwest New Brunswick Marine Resources Planning Area: A Short Overview 473.7KB
2007 Ecosystem Overview Report for the Minas Basin, Nova Scotia 17.5MB
2007 Ecosystem Overview and Assessment Report for the Bras d'Or Lakes, Nova Scotia 8.5MB
2006 A Descriptive Habitat Study of Low Impacted Streams of the Bay of Fundy 3.5MB
2003 Ecological Inventory of the Melanson Property.pdf 1015.4KB
2002 Salmon River Aquatic Resource Integrated Management Report 8.3MB
2001 River Denys Integrated Management Report 777.9KB
2000 Fish Passage - Culvert Inspection Procedures 2.3MB