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East Coast Aquatics
Fish Passage Culvert Inspection Procedures, 2000
Improving fish passage at culverted crossings can provide large gains in accessible habitat to fish, and thereby support greater species production. Evaluating culverts should be done on a watershed scale, determining where the most significant barriers are found, and where the greatest gains in habitat access can be made.

The Fish Passage Culvert Inspection Procedure manual is available for download at:

A Descriptive Habitat Study of Low Impacted Streams of the Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia. January 2006
This was a project that East Coast Aquatics completed for the Annapolis Fly Fishing Association with funding from the Environmental Damages Fund. The report presents the results in terms of pool depths, pool spacing, large woody debris frequencies, and other physical habitat characteristics and thereby creates a description of physical stream habitats found in relatively low impacted mature/old growth stream reaches of the Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia.
Musquash Ecosystem Framework
This project for the Department of Fisheries and Oceans outlines an approach to creating an ecosystem framework for the future management of the biological integrity of the Musquash estuary in New Brunswick.
Melanson Ecological Inventory
This report documents the inventory of various biota and habitats at the former Acadian Settlement of the Melanson family, and was used to help develop the Parks Canada National Historic site for public use in a manner that would limit ecological impact.