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East Coast Aquatics
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ECA Projects
Ecological Inventory
Client: Parks Canada Kejimkujik National Park

As part of the development of a new National Heritage Site for visitor services, the client needed to undertake an ecological inventory of the property to determine species and areas of sensitivity, and to establish development guidelines that would not significantly impact the ecological integrity of the site. To this end, East Coast Aquatics undertook inventories of lepidopteron (moths and butterflies), amphibians, reptiles, and small mammals. These results were compared with various species at risk lists, and critical habitat requirements. The property was delineated into various ecotypes, and observations made of species use of these ecotypes. A final report provided a description of the ecosystem characteristics of the property, as well as recommendations to protect areas where significant animal movements were occurring, where sensitive habitats were located, and where critical visual barriers existed.

Melanson final report